Those Starry Nights

Some members of the Veil Nebula Group at Santa Fé de Antioquia, or at least close to there. Its a very colonial town with mountains close to it, where several people have vacation houses. One particular thing about the place is that since its a small town and far from the main cities, there are no city lights in several dozens of kilometers, so the sky is kinda nice for amateur astronomy.

The Milky Way won’t appear in a regular photo though, These are 5~8 second long exposure photos, but the sky was the clearest I’ve seen in my life, and the galaxy plus several hard to catch constellations were quite noticeable.

The Veil Nebula Group is an amateur astronomy group I’m no longer part of, we had fun times, hanged out, talked about the stars (very scientifically, it was not only observational), some of us were young (and still in university), the directors were older (but wiser) folks who sometimes invited their families, but in the end some of the original members left (mostly we the young ones, still in university, for study reasons). Still, I hold very dearly the memories of our experiences in my heart.

6.495337, -75.804441 in case you want to send a missile, go to watch the stars, or something else.