Seven Years Pt. II

For a long time in my life, I just went with the flow, pursuing whatever interesting opportunities came available, but without much of an overarching goal and a plan to reach it. This direction started changing last year with this deep discussion about things seven years in the future, which planted in my head the idea of seeking an ultimate goal, or at least find such a goal for myself.

I’ve never been much of a person that plans long term, and starting to do so is not so easy at first. It requires structuring things, planning, but also being flexible because not all plans go along as intended. The further ahead you plan the more unpredictable things can be, but a certain level of “look-ahead” can be very beneficial in establishing goals and working towards them. Maybe after reaching a first big “milestone”, the a new one will come, and so on.

Regarding learning stuff I’ve become more focused on specific topics instead of being spread around many things, which always caused me to feel that I didn’t learn well enough and just drop them.

The first year meets a lot of resistance to change, and progress has been relatively slow, but I hope that as time goes on, I’ll gain momentum, and the progress made each year will far exceed the progress made the year before.