Random Pattern Generator

During the boredom of staying a lot at home in 2020, I got inspiration from @infrahumano to start playing around with a certain mechanism of pattern generation, outlined in his blog post (in Spanish) https://infrahumano.github.io/exterior/2020/04/04/noche.html. After that, we started a long thread in which we went along making improvements, suggestions to each other, and a lot of experimenting seeking to make these patterns look nicer. He then made a new post with such results (in Spanish) https://infrahumano.github.io/exterior/2020/04/05/noche.html.

The premise is simple, with a grid-paper, start flipping coins, to put alternating lines, as shown here, this is the original tweet that inspired @infrahumano to start working on this:

I followed these steps and also created a vertical and horizontal mirroring of the grid. The next step once the grid was complete, was to fill the cells with different colors using the good old Breadth-First Search algorithm! My first results were something like this:

After such nice first results, I kept playing with more strategies to select colors, increase resolution, etc, and these are some of the best results: