Dies Irae

“… Shall consume the world to ashes”

There are many kinds of music to listen while programming, sometimes I listen to some ambient sounds, or relaxed piano music, or soft vocals music, or classical music, or usually orchestral versions of soundtracks from videogames (specially role-playing games, which have a wonderful selection of music comprising many different emotions and situations), movies, or series, when I desire to focus and not rushing things.

When its the opposite, and I need to do things fast, I listen to some upbeat, electronic music, or the original soundtracks, from the same videogames, movies, or series, focused more towards action/suspense, because of the feeling of urgency these cause, like time is running out, and something has to be finished before it runs out.

In this case, its a song that has both the kinda calm classical music part, but also an explosive beginning, it feels as an rush that lights every temper, kickstarts the brain, and then it calms down a bit to make place for a bit lengthy session of focus, only to start picking up again. The same structure and feeling could be said to be delivered by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Listening to music during a prolonged task, can be incentivating, it helps setting a rhythm, it alleviates monotomy, but I try to avoid music with much lyrics though (at least that I can understand), since listening to them draws from your attention. Thats why listening to your favorite modern band while programming can do not much good to your focus.

Also one of my goals in life is to live in a place where I can attend and witness such magnificent orchestras. I think some of my most wonderful musical experiences in life, has been attending to The Phantom of The Opera musical at the Orpheum Theater, San Francisco, CA, also attending The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddess concert at the Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA, and the Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy concert at the Jones Hall for The Performing Arts, Houston, TX. Even some of these are videogame music, a medium which many people won’t even consider as an art form, its wonderful, and together with nostalgia those have been magnificent experiences.