CraZe on the App Store

After lots of crazy and intense moments this year, I got enough momentum to start learning Swift from scratch, and playing around a lot with it (it is quite a nice language!).

Development started in August, and by October 80% was done, however I had to stop development for a couple months, but now I poured all my energy this last weekend into finishing the final stretch and finally publishing the first version!

There’s lot of rough edges and things to improve, and functionality that still has to be ported from the Android version (which was released in 2018), but rather than holding its release indefinitely until the app reached an “ideal” state (spoiler alert, there’s always something to improve or new ideas to add), so I decided to release this first working version and then iterate over it over time with my own ideas and the feedback from others.

Of course to celebrate this release and promote it, I had a ton of stickers printed, so I can give to my friends, people in parties, people in presentations, and to anyone who asks!

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