About Me

I work as a Software Developer in a cross-functional area at an intersection of Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, and Product Development, in which I’ve supported the simultaneous development of multiple products and initiatives, and I’ve acted as a middle point between different teams in my area and across the company, with ownership and accountability for many of these projects which have an impact on hundreds of millions of users.

My daily work involves interacting with other Developers, Data Scientists, and Product Managers, understanding their needs, and expressing mine, so that I can do my best to benefit everyone, while balancing trade-offs, and having the flexibility to be ready to experiment, improvise, or react to unforeseen situations, being aware of possible changes in the priorities of tasks and goals in a rapid changing environment.

I’ve acted as a point of reference for others around me for many things, while also seeking to learn from others, so we are constantly learning together. I’m keen on solving technical and business problems, participating in the design of systems and experiments, having a passion for going deep while investigating things and testing all possible scenarios to ensure the best quality, and sharing with others the knowledge I’ve acquired while doing so.

I seek to always be in an environment like this that allows me to keep growing personally and intellectually, and helping others achieve such growth as well.

In my free time I explore things related to Computational Art, I made a drawing app involving concepts of trigonometry, geometry, and linear algebra, for making designs with effects, rotations, symmetry, and brushes with over 200.000 downloads, available at the App Store, Play Store, also available for Mobile/Desktop Browser, and sometimes I post psychedelic art made with it.

The name of this blog, Z10Z, is a numeronym, created with my last names :-)