About Me

I’m a Computer Science and Engineering student from EAFIT University.

I am a person that loves learning and applying things, I believe that academia and industry growth go hand in hand, like a feedback loop. I want to seek opportunities that allow me to grow personally and intellectually, something that requires me to think and act on it. I like arts, and aesthetics, not only in the visual part, but also in things that work orderly. I love order, but I think one should have the flexibility to be ready to improvise, compromise, or react on unforeseen situations, and be aware of possible changes in the priorities of tasks and goals. I believe all of this allows me to grow in the sciences and technologies, and growing them, while learning and making nice things.

Most of my programming work experience is regarding Distributed Systems, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Data Structures and Algorithms. In my free time I explore things related to Computational Art, I made for fun a drawing app involving concepts of trigonometry, geometry, and linear algebra, for making designs with effects, rotations, symmetry, and brushes with over 200.000 downloads, available at the Android Play Store, also available for Mobile/Desktop Browser, and sometimes I post psychedelic art made with it.

Whats in a name?

The namesake of this blog, Z10Z, is a numeronym, created with my last names :-)